Welcome to the Goshen County Library

Welcome to Goshen County Library. We have been serving the citizens of Goshen County for nearly 100 years. You will find a wide range of materials for children and adults. We carry books in print, audio books, e-books, several magazine subscriptions, and local and national newspapers. We have computers for public use and wi-fi is available within the building.

Amnesty Week

Get your card all bright and sparkly clean for the new year!

It's our 3rd annual amnesty week here at the library! This is the week where you can bring in that one library book you've had hidden in the floor of your closet for the past five years but have been too ashamed to bring back! We won't charge you the overdue fee, we just want our materials back!

Come visit us between January 8th-13th!


A presentation on Wyoming's Progressive Labor History by Samuel Western.


Samuel Western teaches and writes about northern Rockies economic history. He is the author of 'Pushed Off the Mountain', 'Sold Down the River', 'Wyoming’s Search For Its Soul'. He taught the first ever class in Wyoming Economic
History at the University of Wyoming. He’s currently teaching a class at UW titled: 'New Wyoming Narratives: What
Do We Want?' He’s at work on another book, 'Dakota Promise', which narrates the political and social history of the
five states (ND, SD, WY, MT and ID) that were part of the original Dakota Territory.


Story times- Tuesday mornings 10:15-10:45

Each Tuesday morning a staff member will present a variety of stories and crafts for preschoolers. This story time is geared towards 3-5 year olds capable of participating independently of their adult caregivers. Caregivers are welcome to join in until the child is comfortable.

 Charcoal and Quill Guild- Thursdays 4-5pm

A group for creative teens to share their works, get support, and discuss what they do. Drawing, painting, writing poetry and short stories, even video editing! We drink tea and discuss our creative works. Sharing is not mandatory but encouraged.

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Favorite Author Quote for the Moment

 As winter approaches - bringing cold weather and family drama - we crave page-turners, books made for long nights and tryptophan-induced sloth.

Sarah MacLean