New Website

Welcome to the Goshen County Library website. Beautiful, isn’t it? Our new web presence is just one of the many changes we have been making in the library this year. As our regular patrons can tell you, we have rearranged our entire collection, made a few changes to our policies, flirted with social media, and are on an outreach campaign to bring literature and programming to our community. Libraries are odd places. On the one hand, anyone will tell you that libraries are dead. The internet has taken over and the need for libraries has diminished to point of obsolescence. On the other hand, anyone will tell you that the library is the heart of the community-whether it is a school, city, or county. Why do we love our libraries while still mourning their eventual demise?

Technology is an amazing thing. Using technology we can reach out and touch someone via texts, messaging, email. We can call friends and family from just about anywhere and we can conduct business from our cars as well as if we had an actual office. Heck, our cars are better than offices, they come with drive-up food delivery! Books are available electronically- both the print and audio versions. We can even watch television programs on our portable devices. So, again, why do we need a brick and mortar building to house all this information? Well, funny you should ask.